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Community is the heart of growth and expansion. From large to small businesses, this thriving community offers brands a way to engage and grow, experience meaningful connections and conversations.

Created by Founder, Jennifer Maharajh of Simply Healthy Global Media, this community is open to all looking to create dynamic changes. As a member in our directory listing, you can promote your products and services by industry, and have access to networking events. Opportunities to list and promote your own event.


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  • Yearly Member profile, business and/or services listed by industry
  • Access to in person and/or virtual networking events
  • Access to reviews and testimonials
  • Access to post and view events
  • Opportunities for member discounts and promotions
  • Business Referrals
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Discounts on events, merhandise and more
  • Meaninful engaging connections and conversations
  • Educational content, webinars and resources

Build your brand

Connect with industry leaders

Promote your events

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